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Mediation Can Alleviate Stress

Conflict can cause serious stress for individuals which can lead to a number of health problems. These health costs can be expensive for both employees and their organizations and are included in The Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict. A recent article in the Conflict Resolution Quarterly suggests that mediation can help reduce stress and its aftermath. In “Mediation’s Potential to Reduce Occupational Stress: A New Perspective,” Tamia Tallodi argues that increased use of mediation can intervene in stress through “communication, reappraisal, problem solving, and relationship change.” As such, when coupled with other constructive approaches to conflict management… Continue Reading Mediation Can Alleviate Stress
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Dialogue Makes the Difference

When we ask people whether they talk more or less with those with whom they are in conflict, the answer is always the same – they talk less! Our next question is when they talk less with the other person, are they more or less likely to resolve the conflict? This question is first met with uncomfortable laughter and then an admission that they can’t solve conflict very well without talking to the other person. Lessen Distress The process of dialogue – face-to-face, issue-focused verbal conversation – is at the heart of the MTI conflict resolution program. When people can… Continue Reading Dialogue Makes the Difference
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