Become a Certified Workplace Mediator
Resolve Disputes and Teach Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies

The Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) program teaches participants the necessary skills to both resolve conflicts directly as well as train others on workplace conflict resolution strategies. In this 40-hour program, participants learn how to mediate workplace conflict, resolve their own conflict situations and train others on effective workplace conflict resolution strategies.

Who should attend this Workplace Mediation program?

Any professional, regardless of role or level within an organization, who wants to be certified in advanced workplace mediation and train others in conflict resolution skills.

Benefits of Becoming an MTI Workplace Mediator

At the successful completion of the CMT, participants are recognized as:

  • Certified Trainer of Conflict Resolution (Train-the-Trainer)
  • Certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual (CDP-I) Assessment
  • Certified as an MTI Workplace Mediator

Certified Trainer of Conflict Resolution (Train-the-Trainer)

Through the train-the-trainer certification, practitioners will be able to train others on effective workplace conflict resolution strategies by presenting MTI’s Third-Party Resolution (Manager-as-Mediator) and Successful Conflict Conversations (Self-as-Mediator) seminars. Materials needed for these seminars are available for purchase through MTI.

  • Equip participants with conflict resolution strategies they can use to reduce conflict in their organizations.
  • Provide tools to help participants build a system within their organizations for more effective mediation and conflict resolution.

Conflict Dynamics Profile-Individual Certification

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment of your own conflict behaviors through the Conflict Dynamics Profile.
  • Understand the model and practical applications for the Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Become eligible to purchase and deliver the Conflict Dynamics Profile with individuals and teams

MTI Workplace Mediation Certification

Earn certification as an MTI Workplace Mediator and be able to mediate differences confidently and efficiently to increase organizational productivity.

  • Equip participants with the necessary skills to mediate workplace conflict.
  • Provide tools to help participants build a system within their organization for more effective mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Teach participants how to help others work through the roadblocks that occur while trying to resolve conflict.

Mediator and Trainer Program | Course Outline

40-Hour Program

Program Outline

Become Certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile®

  • Discovering how your own responses to conflict can help and hinder relationship
  • Understand your impact on others through the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) feedback
  • Understand the aspects of the Conflict Dynamics Profile scales
  • Gain skills through practice (CDP Mock Feedback Sessions)

Establish the Core Competencies/Necessary Knowledge

  • Identifying the Nature of Conflict
  • Discover our wrong reflexes and the Retaliatory Cycle
  • Understanding the Conciliatory Cycle and forces toward harmony
  • Why Mediation works: The Magic within the Method
  • The Mediation Map: The road from disagreement to agreement/cooperation
  • Learn how to mediate conflicts between others/Third Party Resolution
  • Learn how to perform Managerial Mediation – the 5 steps of Third-Party Resolution
  • Identify when and how to use Third-Party Resolution
  • Gain skills through practice (Third-Party Resolutions)

Learn how to resolve conflict with others/self-mediation through Successful Conflict Conversations

  • Learn the 4-step practical communication tool to be able to take effective action to resolve most conflicts between self and others
  • Gain skills through practice (Successful Conflict Conversations)


  • The Strategic Management of Organizational Conflict
  • Stopping conflict before it starts: Preventive Mediation, a core life competency
  • Weaving Mediation into the Fabric of Organizations – a resource for use in organizations and professional practices

Gain skills through practice (Train-the-Trainer sessions)

Tips, Insight and Personal Action Planning

  • Why we do what we do: Demystifying conflict behavior
  • Thirst for Power: How power, rights and interest impact every conflict
  • Skills Practice Round Robin
  • Unconscious Psychology of Attitude Change
  • Paradigm Shift of the Professional Workplace Mediator
  • Planning for mediation role-plays
  • Nudging Past Impasse
  • Gaining skills through practice (mediation role-plays)
  • Bringing it all together
  • Tips, Tricks and Personal Action Plans

CMT Certification Cost: $2595

Please Note: Due to increased shipping costs abroad, registrants outside the continental U.S. will incur an additional $100 fee which will be invoiced upon receipt of registration.

Program Accreditations

IMI Qualified Mediator Trainer Program

The Mediation Training Institute has adopted an independently-verified, global mediation standard that highlights our world-class training options and elevates our practitioners’ certification with a deeper global reach. New practitioners completing the 40-hour Certified Mediator and Trainer (CMT) program will become IMI Qualified Mediators through the International Mediation Institute (IMI), a non-profit public initiative that drives transparency and high competency standards in mediation worldwide.

Pre-approved Credit Hours

MTI’s Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) Program is pre-approved for ICFHRCI and SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Recertification Credits.*

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Other Course Options

This course is also available as an in-house custom offering.

*The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.