When we ask people whether they talk more or less with those with whom they are in conflict, the answer is always the same – they talk less! Our next question is when they talk less with the other person, are they more or less likely to resolve the conflict? This question is first met with uncomfortable laughter and then an admission that they can’t solve conflict very well without talking to the other person.

Lessen Distress

The process of dialogue – face-to-face, issue-focused verbal conversation – is at the heart of the MTI conflict resolution program. When people can keep talking about a problem, they eventually get past the anger and frustration that characterize most conflicts. Natural psychological forces towards harmony eventually build and enable breakthroughs to occur as participants’ emotional distress is reduced.

Conversation Leads the Way

MTI Mediation Map

Reach a Breakthrough

It can be tough to stay in the process in the beginning. The early stages of discussion are often marked by confrontation which can be uncomfortable. Dr. Dana’s Mediation Map helps people understand that while the early stage can be challenging, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sticking with the conversation usually leads to a breakthrough followed by a conciliation phase.

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