The Mediation Training Institute (MTI) ® is the foremost provider of training, certification, licensing, and consulting in workplace conflict management and mediation. Through the institute, we offer programs and products for conflict resolution and mediation including a variety of mediation certification programs. Our flagship product, the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP), is a behaviorally-based assessment that helps individuals identify how they respond to conflict. Two versions of the instrument – the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) and CDP-360 – provide practical solutions for promoting more effective conflict resolution.

MTI Workplace Mediation courses help practitioners to develop skills in mediation and conflict resolution that positively impact workplace relationships, productivity and efficiency. Our expertly designed learning methodology includes programs for trainers (Certified Workplace Trainer and Resolving Workplace Conflict) and workplace mediators (Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer). Going beyond training, MTI helps clients strategically manage conflict to improve organizational effectiveness and profitability.


MTI provides high value workplace conflict management and mediation solutions to our global list of private and government-sector clients. By blending our research, publications, consulting and training resources, we make significant and practical contributions to the field of strategic organizational conflict management and resolution.


MTI was founded in 1985 by Dr. Dan Dana, one of the early pioneers in the field of mediation. Dr. Dana developed his unique approaches to preventative mediation as an outgrowth of his doctoral work on the psychological factors in the occurrence of workplace conflict.

MTI Joins Eckerd College

At the end of 2013, Dr. Dana retired and Eckerd College acquired the assets of MTI to compliment the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment instrument. Dr. Dana serves as a senior advisor and continues to provide significant contributions to improve upon current techniques within the field of conflict resolution and the programs he created.

Program Curriculum & Delivery

Dr. Dana developed a set of courses and assessments that help managers and employees address conflicts more effectively and taught others how to use these approaches. His utilization of the MTI website and online curriculum set the standard for progressive learning techniques within the field.

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Why Choose MTI?

MTI focuses exclusively on resolving organizational and workplace conflicts, leaving training of mediators for divorce, community, judicial, environmental, and other non-workplace disputes to other providers.

  • Workplace Focus
  • Instructional Design
  • Small Class Size
  • Trainers Expeience
  • Tools and Resources
  • Accredited Learning
MTI Team And Trainers

MTI’s team members are here to provide you with outstanding advisement, training coordination, and instruction. All courses are delivered by our experienced team of certified Principal Trainers.

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MTI Strategic Partners

The communication methods learned through MTI is grounded in human qualities that span ethnic and cultural differences. Particular behavioral and attitudinal norms characteristic of specific cultures that may affect use of these communication methods are addressed within the training when conducted outside North America. So, the skills gained are applicable to all people in all cultures.

Our CDP assessment and training programs have been conducted in over 70 countries across Africa, Latin America, the Asian Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Australia, and Europe. Although our corporate headquarters is located in the United States, MTI is a global corporate citizen.

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