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The Use of Questioning During Conflict

Conflicts often begin because people are wedded to their own positions and don’t want to take the time to truly understand someone else’s point of view.  In other words, we spend a lot of effort, time, and energy defending our own agenda or trying to convince other people to change their minds rather than creating a conversation where ideas are truly explored or illuminated. Effective questioning during a conflict can change the outcome dramatically because it Promotes better listening Deepens understanding of all the information being presented, and Increases overall learning. Listening Several studies have demonstrated the importance of listening… Continue Reading The Use of Questioning During Conflict
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Generational Conflict

A couple of recent items caught our attention about generational conflict. Deanna Hartley addressed the subject in an article in the November issue of Talent Management entitled “How to Resolve Generational Conflicts in the Workplace.” In her article Ms. Hartley emphasized the misunderstandings that emerge when people from different generations make assumptions about one another and when they expect people from other generations to necessarily share their own values. Dr. Rick Voyles presented on the subject at the Southeastern Summit on Conflict Resolution in Atlanta in September. In his talk Rick contrasted the values of people in the Boomer and Gen X generations. He showed how… Continue Reading Generational Conflict
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