Hello Practitioners!

It has been a year full of changes for Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Eckerd College. The first, and most notable change, is our name. We officially changed our name from the Center for Conflict Dynamics to the Mediation Training Institute (MTI). This new name aligns more with the strategic direction of the Executive Education department at Eckerd and is better for branding.

Speaking of branding, have you seen our new websites? Both www.conflictdynamics.org and www.mediationworks.com have a new look. Both sites have a lot of practical information for you, are easier to navigate and have a more updated appearance. So far, we have been very pleased with the reaction of our practitioners to both websites. Take a look!

We also have refreshed our programming strategy. We streamlined our mediation courses to offer two distinct tracks: conflict resolution training (3-day Certified Trainer course) or advanced mediation (5-day Certified Mediator course). We enhanced both courses by embedding the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) into the curriculum. When participants understand through the CDP how their behaviors contribute to creating or resolving conflict, they are better equipped to self-mediate. So far, both training participants and seasoned practitioners have given positive feedback about the addition. Finally, we have added a train-the-trainer course specifically for HR Professionals and Consultants called Resolving Workplace Conflict (RWC). The program will be available for open enrollment and custom programs in the early fall.

The RWC program is targeted towards HR practitioners and consultants who want an off-the-shelf training package for conflict resolution. It teaches participants how to equip employees with conflict resolution skills and effective mediation techniques that improve organizational performance. We have conducted two pilots and are planning to roll out the final product later this year.

I am coming up on my one-year anniversary as the Executive Director of MTI. I replaced Craig Runde after he retired last June. It has been an amazing whirlwind of a year. We are all quite thrilled about the direction of the organization and most excited about our ongoing partnerships with all of our practitioners.

One final note, the MTI Practitioners Conference will be held at Eckerd College on Thursday, January 18, 2018. The week will be full of opportunities to interact with other practitioners. During the week of the conference, we will also offer certification in the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (EMP).

Warm regards,

Rebecca Armacost

Rebecca Armacost, Director, Mediation Training Institute