As someone who wants to be able to mediate workplace disputes, you can appreciate the unique challenges presented by interpersonal conflict in companies, government agencies, and other organizations. Unresolved employee conflicts can fester and become disputes that degrade productivity and sap morale.

Learn New Techniques

If you want to learn new techniques to resolve employee conflicts, MTI’s approach to these disputes is founded on tested behavioral science principles.

The MTI approach focuses on the:

  • Facilitation

    Mediator facilitated discussions that lead to employee-led resolution of their own problems;

  • Techniques

    Techniques that address the issue at hand and lessen the emotional tensions caused by the conflict;

  • Learning

    Employees learn how to manage and resolve future conflicts in more productive ways.

Skills You Will Learn

The Certified Mediator and Trainer (CMT) program equips a wide range of professionals to expertly resolve conflicts with and between employees that otherwise may escalate into costly formal disputes — grievances, EEO complaints, litigation.

In addition to the core concepts of workplace conflict resolution, Successful Conflict Conversations and Third-Party Resolutions, MTI’s CMT program focus on three key learning modules:

Understanding Conflict Behavior

Influencing Conflict Behavior

Integrating Concepts & Methods

Expand Your Practice

If you want to expand your practice or enhance your skills into workplace disputes, MTI’s program will provide you with the practical skills you’ll need to help employees help themselves overcome problems.


Areas of Opportunity

A number of industry segments including government, healthcare, and union related industries are in need of employees with specific skills sets and techniques to manage workplace disputes.


How to Get Certified