Self Mediation: How to Resolve Conflict with Others

Learn a practical communication tool for conducting Successful Conflict Conversations — a core workplace competency based on the insights you gained in Necessary Knowledge. Empowered with this technique, you will be able to take effective action to resolve most conflicts between yourself and others.

Key elements:

What, When, and Why

  • Understand how your own responses to conflict are impacting relationships
  • What is Successful Conflict Conversations
  • When to use Successful Conflict Conversations
  • Deciding to use Successful Conflict Conversations
  • Preparing the issue statement

The key to conflict is to stop it before it starts or at its lowest level.  This simple four-step process allows a non-adversarial search for common ground to serve the common good. Through a combination of classroom discussion around the Necessary Knowledge to understand and solve conflict and classroom skills training, participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice a unique communication tool that can be used in all workplaces to stop their own conflict situations before they escalate. 

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