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Prevention and Early Resolution of Workplace Conflict
“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today,
and the least recognized.“
— Dan Dana (quoted 1988 ... 2014)

Established in 1985, MTI is the foremost provider of training, certification,
licensing, and consulting in workplace conflict management and mediation.

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Free Resources
Conflict Management and Mediation

The Mediation Training Institute International offers free tools, articles, webinars, teleconferences, and other resources in our mission to raise public awareness about the costs and consequences of unmanaged conflict.

Conflict Management Toolbox contains on-line instruments. Immediate results. Request your Interpretive Guide by email autoresponder before going to the Toolbox.

Cost-of-conflict calculator: Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict. See also text versions in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Russian, Hebrew, and Japanese.

Organizational culture diagnostic: Dana Survey of Conflict Management Strategies. Uncover the conflict strategy imbedded in your organization's culture.

ROI formula
Calculate the return-on-investment in conflict management or mediation training for your organization. May be used by organizational managers, consultants, mediators, academicians, and others, including MTI Certified Trainers.

MTI Monthly Newsletter
Monthly noncommercial newsletter for all who share a concern with conflict and its management. Over 35,000 subscribers — the most popular newsletter in our field.

Meet the Mediator: Interviews with professional workplace mediators
How to Measure the Financial Cost of Workplace Conflict
How to Mediate Workplace Conflict

Audiobook: Managing Differences
Listen to Introduction and Chapter 1 free.

Over twenty annotated bibliographies of selected references on topics related to conflict management, including workplace bullying, violence prevention, conflict coaching, anger management, "difficult people," and more. For students, faculty, researchers, and the simply curious.

On a wide range of related topics, including: Managing Cultural Differences, Using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) in Workplace Mediation, Managing Conflict in Government Workplaces, Coaching in Workplace Mediation, Productivity Tools for Today's Workplace, Mediating Disability (Reasonable Accommodation) Issues in the Workplace, How to Facilitate a Discussion Group, and others. También artículos en español.

Listen to Dr. Dan Dana, MTI's founder and originator of Managerial Mediation, describe the tools for prevention and early resolution of workplace conflict — streaming audio, also downloadable MP3.

Free workshops aboard the Mediation-at-Sea Cruise
Attend your selection of free workshops on MTI's 10th annual "Mediation-at-Sea" Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to the Southern Caribbean, January 6-13, 2013.

Just because your training budget evaporated doesn't mean your training needs did . . .
Training without traveling Affordable HRD
designed with the recession in mind — low-cost, high-value, web-based, multimedia training courses that deliver vital competencies in workplace conflict management for individuals, work teams, and organizations worldwide

  • On-line certificationWhen it doesn't make sense to fly there
    Equivalent to attending an MTI Certification Course in Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Instructional webinarsTrain 100 employees for $3/each
    Extensive reproducible application aids to leverage the learning... not your grandfather's webinar!
  • Computer-based training on CDWith web-based testing and reporting
    Self-paced, cost-effective learning of the core competencies for prevention and early resolution of costly conflict at work



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