SUNY Upstate University Hospital leverages CMT methodology to create and implement the U-TURN model


Written by Bettina Smallman, one of our Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) practitioners, this evidence-rich paper delves into how the Caregiver Collaboration Task Force (CCTF) at SUNY Upstate University Hospital implemented CMT methodology to create the “U-TURN” model. This is a great resource showcasing the real-life value and return on investment you get from applying the knowledge, skills and tools here at the Mediation Training Institute (MTI).


When Medical Training is Not Enough: Can U-Turning a Conversation Improve Quality of Patient Care?

Dr. Bettina Smallman, CMT Practitioner and Past Director of Pediatric Anesthesia at Upstate Medical University, dove into this topic during her presentation at our Annual Conflict Resolution Conference. To dive deeper in this topic and hear from her firsthand we encourage you to watch this video!

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