One of the active constructive behaviors measured by the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) instrument is called Reaching Out. It is described as responding to conflict by reaching out to the other person, making the first move, and trying to make amends.

Leaders Reach Out

Research by the CDP authors has shown that there is a strong correlation between reaching out in conflict situations and being seen as an effective leader.

Leaders realize that letting conflicts fester will only lead to worse outcomes. So they get up the courage to ask the other person in the conflict if he or she would be willing to try to talk things out. At first, this may meet with rejection or even a blaming response from the other person. At this point it is critical to be able to maintain emotional balance and work to sell the other person on the benefits that solving the conflict will have for both of you.

Being willing to reach out in conflict situations can lead to further dialogue, which in turn can help develop solutions and improve personal relations. It is a skill worth improving.

Along with gaining awareness through the CDP assessment, it is inclusive of developmental guides to assist in improving these skills needed to effectively manage conflict.

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