Workplace conflict is inevitable. When managed poorly it costs considerable time and money. By learning our field tested processes, you will feel more confident to address conflict and improve your team’s performance and morale.

Conflict in the workplace is cited as one of the top contributors to employee stress, which leads to reduced productivity, missed work-days and poor retention.*

Skills You Will Learn

If you want to improve your ability to deal with workplace conflict, MTI has created a course for you. The course focuses on two core competencies that you need to successfully resolve conflict, Self as Mediator and Manager as Mediator.


Facilitate discussions between your employees who are engaged in conflicts that are creating business problems. You will learn an easy to use five step process to bring employees together and help them resolve their problems.

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Learn how to use simplified mediation techniques to resolve conflicts with other people. Using a four step process, you will be able to schedule and conduct successful meetings to develop mutually acceptable solutions to issues.

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How to Get Trained

*Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety: Workplace Stress – General