MTI’s enterprise version of the Conflict Cost Calculator is a dynamic tool that measures the cost of an individual conflict across an organization. The calculations are based on research and up-to-date industry averages.

Utilized in MTI’s training programs and accessible to certified trainers and mediators, the enterprise version of the calculator provides nine financial measurements on the cost of conflict on:

  • Organizational Productivity
  • Manager & Employee Turnover
  • Employee Theft and Sabotage
  • Employee Health
  • Absenteeism
  • Creativity and Decision Making

Preview the enterprise version of the Conflict Cost Calculator

Attend a Certification Program in Workplace Conflict Resolution and receive unrestricted access to the Conflict Cost Calculator for conducting benchmarking and reassessment for program evaluation, comparative analysis between organizational units, under-performance diagnosis, and other purposes.

To utilize this instrument for your organization, contact the Mediation Training Institute at [email protected].