Are you planning to implement an internally developed HRD or organizational improvement intervention?

Would you like to know how your program will affect the cost of conflict in your organization, or how your employees handle conflict?

Use MTI’s benchmarking instruments to measure the effectiveness of your program:

  • The Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict

    • Use your own estimates of the impact of nine cost factors to calculate how much money is now being wasted by a particular conflict in your workplace.
    • Follow our research procedures to estimate the total amount of off-budget money being consumed annually by preventable conflict in your organization.
    • Use pre- and post-measures to quantify the financial savings resulting from your planned HRD intervention.

    Take the complimentary Cost Calculator on Manager Productivity to see the cost of time wasted on among your management team.

  • The Dana Survey of Organizational Conflict Management Strategies

    • Every organization has a conflict management strategy, although few know what it is. Uncover the conflict management strategy that is currently imbedded in your organization’s structure and culture.
    • Follow our research procedures to identify the relative strengths of the four sub-strategies throughout your organization. Statistically correlate with any of several demographic variables to isolate problem areas, such as cross-departmental, headquarters-field, manager-staff, age, ethnicity, and others.
    • Use pre- and post-measures to quantify the impact of your planned HRD intervention on how conflict is managed in your organization.

    Complete the complimentary Conflict Management Strategies Survey to understand how your organization manages conflict across four different sub-strategies.

  • Costs for Benchmarking

    Benchmarking and reassessment are complimentary if performed as part of a training service agreement.

    • If conducted as an a là carte service, the cost of two administrations of the on-line MTI Conflict Benchmarking Instruments (e.g., benchmarking and reassessment, comparative study between two organizational units (departments, headquarters/field, demographic groups, etc.) is $1000; additional organizational units are $100 each.
    • A single administration of either or both instruments as a “snapshot” organizational assessment is $500. The number of respondents is unlimited.
    • Consultation on sampling strategy is available on request and at no additional cost to ensure meaningful results.

Next Steps

Discuss using the MTI Conflict Benchmarking Instruments to objectively evaluate the success and cost-effectiveness of your internal HRD programs, call (888) 359-9906, or email [email protected].

Attend any Certification Course in Workplace Conflict Resolution and receive unrestricted access to these on-line instruments for conducting benchmarking and reassessment for program evaluation, comparative analysis between organizational units, under-performance diagnosis, and other purposes.