Independent Study is offered for the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) certification, providing coaches and trainers the opportunity to be become certified on their own schedule.

The Process

  • All required course materials needed to be certified are sent via mail or electronic delivery.
  • An opportunity is provided to take the CDP and receive an individual feedback report.
  • Participant completes self-study on the key principles of the instrument, how to analyze the CDP, facilitating feedback, and the development plan.
  • Participant requests a one-to-one meeting via teleconference with one of our certified master instructors.
  • The participant will have the opportunity to ask the master instructor any questions and will conduct a mock feedback session.

CDP Study Materials

  • Technical Manual
  • Interpretive Considerations
  • Administrative Guide
  • CD-ROM containing PowerPoint presentations (to produce color overhead slides)
  • Three sample Feedback Reports
  • The Development Guide, Managing Conflict Dynamics: A Practical Approach.
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Video-“How to Prepare Feedback”

Approximate Time Requirements

  • Initial Preparation 6-8 hours
  • CDP Certification Lesson 2 hours

Cost for Certification

  • CDP-360: $995