Pierre Naquet

Pierre Naquet is a certified Master Trainer in both the Conflict Dynamics Profile and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile, and partners with the Mediation Training Institute. Throughout his career, Pierre has worked at senior management levels, contributing to the development of business strategy and performance. After twenty years experience in the financial sector working for leading companies such as Pechiney, Credit Chimique, Swiss Bank Corp and Morgan Stanley, Pierre joined RHR International as a Management Psychologist in 1999. Since then, he has specialized in executive assessment and coaching, cross-cultural adaptability and senior leader and top team development. Pierre is, furthermore, the European Master Trainer on the “Working Together as a Team” program aimed at improving collaborative communication and interaction skills from “Interpersonal Communication Programs Inc.”.

As an international executive coach, trainer and facilitator and working through his business, Executive Advisor International (Paris, France), for more than twenty-three years, he continues to work internationally at the senior level. Pierre has worked with executives and their teams on the challenges of leadership, power management, emotional derailers, management of conflict, resilience at the workplace, value system and style indicator, trust dynamics, entrepreneurial mindset and in the effective use of influence in complex matrix organizations. He is trained to give 360 Leadership feedback for development purposes and improved performance. He also advises clients on succession and integration processes and cross-cultural effectiveness.

Pierre graduated from Paris-Nanterre University with a Doctorate in Economic Sciences and Finance. He became a licensed psychologist after completing a BA in clinical psychology, an MA in cognitive psychology and a DEA thesis in behavioral and industrial psychology at Paris-Nanterre University. He is a member of the French Psychological Society, a speaker with the French and Romanian chapter of the Aspen Institute and a graduate of the Aspen Executive Seminar on Leadership, Values and Good Society (Colorado, USA). Pierre is a RHR (USA) and Center for Creative Leadership (Europe) certified coach. Pierre is also the President of the European Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD-Europe) in Paris, France. Pierre is a faculty member and Executive Coach with Mercer (UK), Limitless (UK) and Conversant (USA) in their respective Organization for Leadership Development practice.

As a psychologist and leadership coach, Pierre holds certifications on several psychometric and psychological instruments; like, Renn, Wonderlic, MBTI 1 & 2, Hogan (HPI, HDS, MVPI), CDP-I, CDP-360, Firo-B, Head, Heart and Guts, Power Base Inventory, OSI-R, RAW-S, EMP, VPI, PSI, Trust Dynamics, Mind Dynamix and other accreditations related to emotional management, conflict coaching, resilience, personal style, values, self-worth, and entrepreneurial mindsets.