April 28, 2022

The new partnership between MTI & ADR Notable just made managing your caseload of disputes easier

Are you looking to streamline your workload and put your training experience into practice?

The Mediation Training Institute (MTI) at Eckerd College has integrated key materials from our proprietary Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) Program into ADR Notable’s case and practice management platform via a new partnership, and we couldn’t be more excited! Announced today, this partnership revolutionizes your ability to integrate methodology, manage workload and maintain security of disputes.
MTI and ADR Notabe

Thoughtful Integration That Makes Sense

Throughout the development phase of this partnership, we often discussed ways the platform could be enhanced for certified practitioners. Over the past year, with an emphasis on efficiency and ease of use, we connected to refine, streamline and personalize the experience of our CMT certified practitioners. ADR Notable, in combination with MTI Senior Master Trainer, Terry Marschall, built off the standard checklists at ADR Notable to provide our CMT practitioners a highly customized template with functionality that supports the 5-Step Process, utilizes the Mediation Map and showcases key training resources. One benefit to this pre-built checklist and the pool of resources is that it provides our practitioners with reference material to support a dispute while also working in real-time to manage their dispute(s). We get so many questions and requests from our practitioners related to caseload management, so from the moment we realized there was an ability to customize the intake process to align with the MTI methodology, we knew this partnership would be a game changer for everyone.

Improving the Mediation Experience

With the completely customizable ADR Notable Dashboard and the Library of MTI resources, mediators using the platform have access to resources that were specifically built to enhance their experience as mediating professionals and reinforce the workplace mediation training they have previously had at MTI.

Another incredible resource within this platform that our practitioners, specifically consultants, will find of value is being able to easily record the time spent on case preparation as well as using the timer to track plenary and caucus sessions. When tested by our Sr. Master Trainer, this tool quickly revealed a more precise investment of her time and improved the accuracy in the quotes she provided clients. Additionally, with the new resource to bill directly through the platform, consultants have more support than ever before!

ADR MTI Integration

Is Now the Time to Implement This New Platform?

As every mediating professional knows, conflict is ever-present in the workforce, especially given the current economic, political, and health climate we are experiencing. More than ever, organized practitioners with an abundance of resources at their disposal are positioned to communicate more effectively with clients and manage their workloads more professionally. Put simply, there is no better time than today to get in the practice of effective case management to streamline your process and improve your mediation techniques.

MTI Certified Practitioners can access their special offer today by emailing [email protected] for their unique offer code, or if you are a dispute resolution professional in general practice, you can explore ADR Notable’s 30-day free trial offer. Ultimately, our goal is for every organization to become a mediating organization, and this new partnership brings us one-step closer!