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What is Conflict Costing Your Organization?

The costs associated with conflict don’t have a line item on an expense report. Most companies don’t take workplace conflict as serious as they should because they don’t realize what it is costing them. This complimentary tool helps organizations realize the hidden cost of conflict and be proactive in addressing it.

This eye-opening, online calculator produces an in-depth estimate of the hidden financial cost of conflict to your organization. The calculator evaluates nine cost factors influenced by conflict that directly impact your bottom line. The calculations are based on research and up-to-date industry averages.

The calculator provides measurement on the cost of conflict on:

  • Organizational productivity
  • Manager and employee turnover
  • Employee theft and sabotage
  • Employee health
  • Absenteeism
  • Creativity and decision making

If you would like to reduce the cost of conflict in your organization utilizing the tools and principles of two workshops, Manager as Mediator, or Resolving Workplace Conflict, call 705.607.1058 or email [email protected]. 

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