Barbara Thompson and John Roe

Ms. Thompson and Dr. Roe are certified Consultants in Workplace Mediation with MTI and certified trainers of MTI’s seminars in Third-Party Resolutions and Successful Conflict Conversations.

Barbara’s background includes extensive mediation training and she is a founding partner and consultant in The Discovery Group, a partnership of consulting professionals that provides consulting, coaching, and training, in the personal and interpersonal competencies that produce measurable results in workplace performance. She has consulted with and trained for major companies and a variety of small businesses, from closely-held family companies to non-profit and educational institutions.

Dr. Roe ‘s background includes training in Essentials of Mediation and Divorce Mediation, Advanced Mediation from the Northern California Mediation Center. He has also completed training with Rosenberg Mediation Services, Conflict Coaching and Mediation Training with Peacemaker Ministries and the Fundamentals of Elder Mediation with Jane Iddings, J.D.