Conflict is one of the biggest costs to an organization’s productivity and morale.

Research shows that up to 40% of a typical manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict.

Manager’s Time Spent Dealing with Conflict

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Programs for Trainers

As a training and development specialist, you understand that delivering quality programs can be challenging. MTI appreciates these challenges too and has created programs that trainers can leverage to deliver effective training around conflict resolution and mediation.

MTI’s programs for trainers provide:

  • Simple yet powerful conflict resolution and mediation strategies you can learn to teach to executives, managers and employees.
  • A turn-key curriculum including course-work, materials, assessments, and support.
  • A proven methodology with over 800 certified trainers throughout the world.
  • Access to our password-protected site.

Any Organization Can Benefit

MTI’s programs are well suited to address conflicts that occur within a company, government agency, or another type of organization.


Skills You Can Teach

If you want to improve your managers, supervisors and employees ability to deal with workplace conflict, MTI has created the curriculum for you. These turn-key training program focuses on two core competencies necessary to successfully resolve conflict, Successful Conflict Conversations and Third-Party Resolutions.

Third-Party Resolution

Facilitates discussions between employees who are engaged in conflicts that are creating business problems. You will learn how to teach the five step process a manager needs to bring employees together and help them resolve their problems.

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Successful Conflict Conversations

The program also provides simplified mediation techniques to resolve conflicts with other people. You will learn to teach our four step process on how to facilitate successful meetings to develop mutually acceptable solutions to issues.

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How to Become Certified

MTI offers a number of ways to become a Certified Trainer: