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Leaders and Conflict Competence

While it may be a critical competency, leaders are no more comfortable or competent in dealing with conflict than anyone else. This may be one reason why leaders rank it as the top area for personal development. (Larcker, Miles, Tayan, and Gutman, 2013) To manage conflict effectively, leaders need to be able to improve their self-awareness of how they currently manage conflict, recognize the importance of dealing with conflict constructively, learn how to regulate their emotions in conflicts settings, respond to conflict using constructive communications behaviors, and develop norms for their teams and organizations to use when addressing conflict. The… Continue Reading Leaders and Conflict Competence
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Helping Managers Master Their Hot Buttons

Managers are susceptible to getting upset in conflict situations just like everyone else. In other words, managers can have their hot buttons pushed. When their hot buttons are triggered by an event or by someone else’s behaviors, they become more prone to acting out in counterproductive ways. If they respond destructively, it can prolong conflicts. Research from the Center also suggests that such responses can cause them to be viewed less favorably by their bosses. It is important for managers to understand their hot button profiles in order to become more aware of what triggers them in the first place.… Continue Reading Helping Managers Master Their Hot Buttons
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MTI at the Southern California Mediation Association Conference

CCD & MTI had the opportunity to present and exhibit at the 2015 Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) Conference at Pepperdine Law School on November 6th. CCD & MTI director Craig Runde teamed up with former MTI training director Dr. Debra Dupree to present to attendees on How Conflict Competence and Emotional Intelligence Affects Workplace Mediators. Afterwards participants were able to stop by the MTI exhibit to discuss training options. Seasoned mediators were interested in MTI’s train-the-trainer program which would allow them to expand their portfolio of services to include training clients how to deal with conflicts more effectively by… Continue Reading MTI at the Southern California Mediation Association Conference
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Book Review: Hold on to Yourself Through Tough Conversations

The Center was fortunate to get an early look at Julia Menard and Judy Zehr’s new book, Hold on to Yourself Through Tough Conversations, which comes out in early February from Balboa Press. It is a wonderful new offering that helps explain and provide pathways for addressing the emotional challenges we all face in conflict settings. The book draws from a multitude of rich and diverse sources including Jon Kabat Zinn (mindfulness), Laurel Mellin (emotional brain training), Daniel Goleman (emotional intelligence), Daniel Siegel (interpersonal biology), John Gottman (couples communications), Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent communications), and others. It provides an in-depth but… Continue Reading Book Review: Hold on to Yourself Through Tough Conversations
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