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Dan Dana, the Conflict Doctor

Managing Conflict in Local Government
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Local government management poses distinct and unique challenges. Leaders have a dual responsibility to the public and to a board of locally elected officials.

Local governments are the deliverer of services to the public, yet are constrained by actions of other governments. Local governments are generally the last stop in the budgetary food chain, which starts at the federal level and trickles down through state capitals. Leftovers finally reach local governments, which must function within the restraints imposed by the other levels of government.

Furthermore, government services (the "products") are difficult to measure, thereby making performance equally difficult to quantify.

These unique challenges, and costly* workplace disputes they produce, create a complex environment for today's local government administrators, managers, department heads, and staff supervisors.

Managers with direct supervisory responsibility benefit most by selecting Conference Track 2: Train-the-Manager. Human resources and other support staff find Track 3: Train-the-Professional most suitable.

* Click for complimentary access to the Dana Measure of Financial Cost of Organizational Conflict, an on-line calculator producing immediate results. Estimate your financial return on investment in conflict management training.

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