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Prevention and Early Resolution of Workplace Conflict
“Unmanaged conflict is the largest reducible cost in organizations today,
and the least recognized.“
— Dan Dana (quoted 1988 ... 2014)

Established in 1985, MTI is the foremost provider of training, certification,
licensing, and consulting in workplace conflict management and mediation.

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Bibliographies in Conflict Management and Mediation

Copyright restriction: The contents of bibliographies prepared for this site may not be placed on other websites, but links from other websites may be directed to this page or to particular bibliographies listed below. Hardcopies may be printed for academic purposes.

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AGE CONFLICT: Older Worker / Younger Boss
Conflict arising from age differentials in the workplace, specifically older worker and younger boss
ANGER: Anger management
Exploration of the relationship betwen anger control and conflict resolution
BOSS-SUBORDINATE: Boss-subordinate conflict
Conflict arising specifically in the relationship between manager and direct reports
BULLYING: Bullying
How conflict and its management pertain to the phenomenon of bullying in the workplace
COACHING: Conflict coaching
The role of a coach in helping others manage their conflicts.
COLLEGE CAMPUSES: Conflict on college campuses
Conflict in college and university systems, including on-campus residence hall dispute resolution programs
CONSTRUCTION: Conflict in the construction industry
Mediation and other forms of dispute resolution in the construction industry
DIFFICULT PEOPLE: Managing difficult people
Exploration of the issue of individual personality characteristics in the management and resolution of interpersonal conflict
DISABILITY: Conflict and disability management
The management and mediation of reasonable accommodation and other disputes arising from disability and the regulations pertaining to disability
DIVERSITY: Diversity and conflict management
How workplace conflict arises from workplace diversity; how effective conflict management contributes to successful integration of cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, and other groups in the workforce
DOWNSIZING: Conflict and downsizing
The impact of downsizing and other restructuring on workplace conflict; conflict management as a method of minimizing the disruptive impact of downsizing
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Conflict management and emotional intelligence
The role of emotional intelligence in the ability to management conflict.
FAMILY BUSINESS: Conflict in family businesses
How conflict between family members, and between family and non-family, impacts business success
GENDER: Gender-based conflict
Conflict between the sexes, between or among women, and between or among men
HEALTHCARE: Conflict in healthcare organizations
The nature and management of workplace conflict in the unique environment of hospitals and other healthcare organizations
INSURANCE: Conflict resolution in the insurance industry
Mediation and other methods of resolution of disputes in the insurance industry
INTERNATIONAL: International conflict
Resolution, management, and mediation of conflict between nation-states or between political entities in a geographical region
LISTENING: Conflict and listening (available soon)
The role and function of listening in the resolution of conflict
MERGERS: Conflict and mergers
The role of conflict management in successful mergers; conflict as a cause of unsuccessful mergers
MULTICULTURAL: Conflict in multicultural workplaces
The nature and management of conflict in workplaces where employees represent a variety of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds
MULTINATIONALS: Conflict in multinational corporations
The nature and management of workplace conflict in organizations with facilities in two or more countries
OFFICE ROMANCE: Office romance
Conflict arising from office romances and related personal relationships in the workplace
OFFICES: Office conflict
Conflict arising from employees working in proximity
OMBUDS: Conflict and the ombuds
Conflict management as a role of the ombudsman
ORGANIZATIONS: Organizational conflict management
Some classic references
PARTNERSHIPS: Conflict in business partnerships
The impact of conflict in professional group practices and other business partnerships
REAL ESTATE: Conflict in the real estate industry
Dispute resolution pertaining to real estate transactions, including buyer-seller disputes
RELIGIOUS: Conflict in religious organizations
Conflict within congregations and within church hierarchy
SCHOOLS: Conflict in school systems
Conflict management in K-12 schools, including peer mediation programs
SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Conflict and sexual harassment
The management and resolution of conflict arising from sexual harassment and other unwanted sexual attention
SIBLINGS: Sibling conflict
Sibling rivalry and its influence on adult personality
SKILLS: Conflict management skills
Skills and techniques for managing personal and interpersonal conflicts
SMALL BUSINESSES: Conflict in small businesses
Management and resolution of conflict in workplaces where there are very few co-workers
SPORTS: Conflict and sports
Competition and conflict in the sports arena
STRESS: Conflict and stress
The connections between workplace conflict and emotional stress caused by workplace conditions
STYLES: Conflict management styles
Individual styles, methods, strategies, and modes of managing conflict
SYSTEM DESIGN: Conflict management systems design
Design and implementation of organizational systems for the management of conflict and resolution of disputes.
TEAMS: Conflict on teams
Effects of conflict on team performance; improving teamwork by training or other conflict management interventions; conflict on cross-functional teams and self-managing (self-directed) work teams
TRANSFORMATIVE MEDIATION: Transformative mediation
The "transformative model" of mediation
UNIONS: Conflict in unionized organizations
The nature and management of workplace conflict in organizations in which employees are members of labor unions.
VIOLENCE: Workplace violence
Mismanaged conflict as a cause or contribution to workplace violence; conflict management as an approach to violence prevention
WORKPLACES: Workplace conflict
On the general subject of conflict in the workplace

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